In Gironde, treat yourself to the fabulous collection of vintage cars of a wine magnate

Legendary cars, tractors and battle tanks, which once belonged to André Lurton, a Bordeaux figure, will be auctioned off this Sunday.

The collection of around a hundred André Lurton cars, all in working condition, will be auctioned this Sunday in Grézillac (Gironde), in the courtyard of Château Bonnet where André Lurton spent his entire life before dying in May.2019 at the age of 94.This wine magnate, creator of the Pessac-Léognan appellation, owner of a dozen châteaux in the Bordeaux region including Grands Crus Classés, had cultivated a real passion for cars since his adolescence."Few people know that he was trained as a mechanic and that he always had his hands dirty.This collection commands respect, even if I admit that the presence of two tanks with guns can be surprising", admits Odile, one of André Lurton's five daughters.

Indeed, parked at the bottom of a huge hangar, we can guess a Sherman tank and a Destroyer tank, on the armored hood of the latter is painted white the Cross of Lorraine.It is in a similar tank that the young soldier Lurton s 'is seated in 1943."It is in perfect working order with an autonomy of four hours.Only the 90 mm gun is demilitarized, but for the rest it is an impeccable mechanism", specifies Francis Etienne, expert of the Federation French Vintage Vehicles (FFVE).This armored vehicle should be sold at around 200,000 euros.

A Renault courier who transported Khrushchev

“This sale is truly one of a kind because you can find both an Ami 6 Citroën that Papa drove in 1963, for a starting price of 2,500 euros, as well as a Ford T from Columbia studios and that Charlie Chaplin has used in films (8,000 euros), not to mention a Mc Cormick tractor (2,000 euros) or a Renault courier which transported Nikita Khrouchtchev during his visit with General de Gaulle to the Renault factories in 1961, and I forget again and again! »Enthuses Jacques, one of André Lurton's two sons.

Posted Date: 2020-10-01

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