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Wine is a creation of the earth, a magical substance that fills our mouths and opens our minds to the beauty of the world. old traditions are exposed, and ancient worlds discovered with every sip and swirl of this precious juice.  A story is unfolding, a brand is budding, and something beautiful is being born.   As your business works diligently to ensure the world receives the fruits of your labor, there are people waiting with empty glasses and unfulfilled moments with loved ones.   your wine, your voice, Your story - create a culture, build a following, share your wine with the world.  Become Insatiable.   ~  Insatiable Vine Marketing  ~


Host a #PinkSociety Event

Expand your globally branding reach by hosting a #PinkParty with the #PinkSociety.   

Learn More About The Pink Society


The #PinkSociety Marketing Package   - FREE

  • 1 custom invitation on Twitter

  • 5-6 custom built images for Twitter

  • Pre-party Hype - Tweeting all week prior to your event

  • 3-4 questions tailored to your business

  • Your product in the hands of our members with branding and content exposure

  • Your product in front of  100+ wine influencers

  • A Twitter following of 411,749 (numbers based on member followers)

  • An Instagram following of 188,251 (numbers based on member followers)

  • Average reach to 1,434,311 (numbers based on the previous party)

  • Average impressions 4,619,280 (numbers based on the previous party)

Social Influencers Services

Social Influence Services

  • Instagram Posts - @ThePinkSociety_, @_drazzari and @Insatiablevine - (14.5K) $25.00

  • Instagram Takeover  (longer terms - call for price)  $25.00 per day

  • Video creation shared on social sites  $25.00

  • 1 #PinkSociety video posted on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook  $35.00

  • Podcast mention $25.00

  • Podcast guest  $50.00

  • YouTube wine feature with members  (64K) $50.00

  • Wine Photography  $10.00 per wine

  • Hashtag Campaigns   Price Upon Request

  • Blog and Storytelling (Hosted or Ghostwriting)  $60.00

  • Tasting Notes      $25.00

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