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About Us


The #PinkSociety is an opt-in social media group on Twitter and Instagram social platforms. The society is comprised of 89 members that grows weekly. Our mission is to bring together like-minded individuals with an overall focus on wine and wine culture. The #PinkSociety provides a platform for wine enthusiasts to collaborate, share knowledge, socialize, engage with industry leaders, and interact with winemakers and wineries.

Founder Bios

Founder: Kimberly Zambrello @insatiablevine
Kimberly is a marketing and media consultant in the wine and hospitality industry. She began her marketing career in the tech industry in Boston, MA followed by running her own IT consulting firm before venturing into the wine and spirits space. She is the co-founder of the #PinkSociety and uses her marketing know-how to expand her personal brand a wine influencer.


Founder: Dave Razzari - @_drazzari
Dave is from the SF Bay Area. A security professional in the defense industry by day. However, his true passion is using Social Media to promote small production wineries through pictures on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook. As co-founder of the #PinkSociety Dave uses his social klout, wine influence, and personal relationships throughout California wine country to continue to expand his personal brand as a wine influencer.


Contributing Partners:
Lin @boozychef


The Platform


Twitter: @thepinksociety_ is the official user handle for the #pinksociety. This account is followed by the members who have actively opted in to be part of the society. This account follows #pinksociety members or wineries who are not members. Anyone who follows our page is asked to become an official member of the #pinksociety by tweeting #pinksociety #addme


Instagram: @thepinksociety_ is the official Instagram page of the #pinksociety. The page reposts photos from member accounts only. The users must be following the page to take part in a repost.


Pink Party (#PinkParty)

The #PinkSociety has a scheduled Twitter chat every three weeks in which members and non-members are encouraged to use the #PinkSociety hashtag to participate. The theme and direction of the chat is designed to enhance and align with specific marketing goals of the host. As a guest host, you can expand your global footprint on the Twitter platform. During the event, the host is

given an opportunity to interact with 84+ member wine influencers and non-members influencers in the wine community, answer 3-4 targeted questions, promote strategic marketing efforts, boost ongoing social campaigns, post branded marketing materials, and videos.


#PinkSociety Statistics (1-week snapshot)

★ 195 Users (250 #pinkparty)
★ 1,434,308 Reach (How many individual users saw the hashtag)
★ 4,619,274 Impressions ( How many times the #hashtag was displayed)

★ 701 Posts with hashtag (15.4% original posts, 54.1% Retweets, 30.5% Replies)


#Pinkparty Marketing Opportunities 


As a guest host you will receive heavy market exposure within the wine community on twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.   Your event is promoted on all platforms prior, during, and after the event.   



The pink Society Marketing Package:


  • 1 Instagram post

  • 1 custom Invitation on Twitter

  • 5-6 Custom built images for Twitter

  • 1 video posted on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

  • Custom Twitter cover photo on @thepinksociety_

  • Pre-party Hype - Tweeting all week prior to your event

  • 3-4 questions tailored to your business

  • Your product in the hands of our members with branding and content exposure

  • Your product in front of 89+ wine influencers

  • Twitter influence of 411,749 

  • Instagram influence of 188,251 

  • Average reach to 1,434,311

  • Average impressions 4,619,280

  • On-Air Podcast tastings 



Member Profile


Our members share a passion for wine and wine culture with varying levels of wine knowledge, wine industry exposure, across multiple verticals and professions.   Each member has a unique personal or professional affiliation to wine.  Areas of expertise range from writers, bloggers, social media experts, photographers, podcasters, travel experts, winemakers, vineyards, chefs and beyond. 


Member Statistics:

  • 70% Female  30% Male

  • 411,100 combined social influence on Twitter

  • 188,200 combined social influence on Instagram

  • 22 Country Span

  • 21  States in  The United States 












The #PinkSociety members use a wide range of hashtags during parties and social conversation.   These are some of our other #hashtags that can speak to various topics and conversations our members are having at any given moment.








What Makes Us Different:


The #PinkSociety is different than other wine-focused chats on Twitter.  We are a member-based group that uses Twitter as our meeting place.   We provide structure and sense of belonging to our members that instill a sense of community and trust.  


Our  #PinkSociety Members Vs Non-Member Groups


  1. Attend events more regularly

  2. Create personal relationships with other members

  3. Have meetups off Twitter/Instagram

  4. Continue to use our hashtag daily - not just during scheduled chats

  5. Feel a sense of community by joining a cause

  6. Tweet more often than non-member twitter chats

  7. Use our hashtag more frequently 

  8. Share experiences with their personal follower base

  9. Encourage others to join 

  10. Promote the benefits and satisfaction of being in the Society

  11. Influence buying habits of fellow memebers