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February 3, 2018

February 1, 2018

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January 28, 2018

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2016 Vin Gris De Cigare: Experience Innovation.

July 3, 2017

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Show Your Dreams to Others: 2014 Darioush Chardonnay

April 4, 2017


In the midst of cultural shock waves being thrust upon American soil I have found myself immersed deeper into my own world of thought, searching for explanations and understanding of how we have come so far from our ideals.  Pages of history flicker through my mind as I press my wine glass against my lips.  I sip and sip and i’m submersed within my wine, as it tells a story of American immigration, inspiration, and determination.  Every drop of wine on my tongue speaks to a journey far beyond the soils we live upon and each swallow of the grapes carries the weight of an entire culture.


The History of Darioush in a Blink of an Eye


 You cannot summarize the culture and history at Dariush with a picture, or words upon a page.  The magic of Dariush swirls through the air and enters your veins the moment you set your eyes upon the Persian temple, unleashing unexplained emotions of excitement, awe and lust.  Your senses are tested and teased with the elements from the earth.  As you tour the estate you are whisked away through history, captivated by art, challenged by poetic serenity, and wrapped in warmth from the people at the vineyard.   


Deeply rooted in a culture thick with politeness and hospitality while entertaining and encompassing the history of winemaking, Darioush creates a surreal moment in which guests are able to leave behind their troubles and worries and fully embrace the riches of the vineyard.  Darioush was born through a journey of perseverance and entrepreneurship, deciding to plant vines on the southern valley of Napa.  Adapting the cooler climates of the region they pioneered a land that was all but forgotten.  With these aspirations and the courage to risk it all, a journey began.


The Wine


After engulfing myself within the culture of Darioush, I began another journey within my glass.  There is so much to be said about the wines at Darioush, but today I will focus my attention on the 2014 Chardonnay.  As a member of the signature series, the Chardonnay represents their brand and core principles of winemaking.  It is appealing, alluring, mystical and captivating.  It takes your tongue upon a journey of discovery, a moment of whimsical fantasy, a time to kick your feet up and breathe in the precious abundance of good produced from our earth.


The replanting of the cooler sectioned vines in this vintage proved to create a wine with an abundance of fruit character.  Notes of citrus and pitted fruits were evident within my first sips.  Its “oh so sexy” demeanor flirts with you yet remains poised and balanced.  A truly elegant lady.  Tartness invited my tongue to receive flavors of pear but a quality of earth stood out beyond the pinch of tart.  This Chardonnay carried a quality of historical terra firma a reminder of the journey of Darioush.  


 The Close

As all things eventually come to an end, I must sadly conclude my narrative on the Vineyard, Darioush.  I would like to leave my readers with their imaginations full of fascination and wanderlust.  There is no better moment than now to experience Darioush, you must embark on this voyage of discovery for oneself.



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