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February 3, 2018

February 1, 2018

January 31, 2018

January 28, 2018

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2016 Vin Gris De Cigare: Experience Innovation.

July 3, 2017

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A Guide To Springtime Sipping

April 13, 2017




AHHH Spring! Spring is in the air and it isn’t the birds chirping or buds blooming that alerted me of this habitual progression of our earth, nope! It is my taste buds that tipped my acute awareness, and they are craving a different kind of wine this spring season. So, sit back, corkscrew in hand, and get ready to pop some bottles.




1. Beaujolais is in bloom – If you are in New England you
are well aware that Spring’s debut was worse than season two of True Detective. I am craving the warmer weather and the light, airy floral wines but my body is still demanding sweaters, scarves, and zinfandels. So, we made a compromise and have been indulging in the french classic, Beaujolais Rouge. I love the Gamay varietal for its fruity flare. With notes of raspberry and cherry, this red is lighter and is less tannic than the traditional red varietals. (i.e.: Cabernets, Zinfandels, Tannat, Syrah)


My pick: Villa Ponciago Fleurie la Reserve, Beaujolais, France

Follow @chateaudeponcie / www.villaponciago.fr



2. Pour the Rosè – Obvious, obvious, obvious!However, Rosè is too perfect to be kept off the list. I don’t care who you are, everyone is pretty in pink.  A rosè is made with a variety of red grapes, it gets its posh pink essence while fermenting with its skins over time. The darker the rosè, the longer it has stayed with its skins during the wine making process.  Rosè is “chillable, fresh, and perfectly fruity. Opt for an “old world” rosè if you tend to prefer dryer wines.


My pick: Côtes de Provence Whispering Angel Rosè
Follow @whisperingangel / www.esclans.com


3. Gewürztraminer – When spring wines hit the beat itis rare to see Gewürztraminer on the list, (personally I think most wine reviewers don’t want to bother spelling it), but in all seriousness, this noble grape is severely overlooked and underrated.  Gewürztraminer is an intensely floral wine, which is exactly what you want to be sniffing as buds are bursting and the world is exploding with color. The wine is sweet to the novice palate but its strong aromatic profile and high alcohol content are the culprits. Tickles of grapefruit, splashes of pineapple and a melon glow create a fruity powerhouse wine, perfect to kick off spring!


My Pick: 2016 Claiborne & Churchill Dry Gewürztraminer
Follow: @candcwinery / www.claibornechurchill.com



4. Sauvignon Blanc – Think fresh, green, floral, all the elements of spring bundled into one perfect sip. Sauvignon Blanc has beautiful aromas which pull elements from the earth and fill your nose with delightful scents of fresh herbs, minerals, and fresh cut grass. A literal translation of spring being captured in your glass. I love the Sauvignon Blanc grape because of its range of flavor; depending on the ripeness of the grape one can expect to taste hints of lime, apricot, tart apple or peach.


My pick: Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc
Follow @kimcrawfordwines / www.kimcrawfordwines.com



So, as the snow falls and buries our New England springtime earth under yet another foot of snow, I will sip my way through warmer days. Dreaming of the sweet smelling fruits of nature and wishing away the lasts days of winter.


Thank you to the participating vineyards for supplying imagery from the listed websites.
Follow: @insatiablevine / @insatiablevine


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