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February 3, 2018

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January 28, 2018

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July 3, 2017

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Getting Your Wine Business Started On Pinterest

April 15, 2017


As I explore the world of marketing and how it pertains to the wine industry I have come across a common theme when talking about Pinterest.  Wine businesses have expressed concerns about Pinterest and how they can incorporate it into their social media strategy and actually produce real results.  Brands are increasingly confused on how to built a Pinterest strategy and shy away from the application altogether.


As a marketer and social influencer in the wine industry, I see untapped potential for wine brands to utilize Pinterest to their advantage, give their consumers and loyal brand followers a place to organize their lives around their favorite wine brands and strengthen their online presence. Pinterest is a win-win, you just need the right strategy in place.  Here’s how:

  1.  The first step in creating a successful Pinterest account is to set yourself up as a business account.  You can do this easily at business.pinterest.com.  Converting to a business account gives you access to tailored analytics, the ability to create ads and host contents, access to a library or marketing ideas, and the ability to display your name as a brand.

  2.  STOP thinking of Pinterest as a social sharing site, it isn’t.  Pinterest is a search engine, a place where pinners go to organize their lives, get new ideas, plan their events, research their next purchase.  Pinterest is a self-serving tool and the average user doesn’t care about followers and likes.  With the right content and information, brands will naturally gain followers and accumulate shares.

    Tip: Don’t focus on your network focus on your product and goals. 

  3.  Pinterest works best when you are consistently posting relevant content for your brand.  This shouldn’t take hours of your day.  To achieve 10-30 pins a day follow only high focused boards and pinners.  These influencers will help to increase and share your brand.  Post very focused content specific to the goals you are trying to accomplish.  For example:  if you are trying to attract people to an event at your tasting room, create a specific, regional board highlighting the area and incentives for travel.  

  4.  Amp up your usage of keywords.  This seems obvious but the number one mistake made on Pinterest is sharing a pin without updating the keywords and descriptor to represent your brand and goals.  Tell your followers what you want them to know.  They will listen.  Create content rich descriptions on each and every pin you share.  Use keywords that are natural and obvious to your products and brand.

  5. Use captivating imagery.  There are many tools available to help you with image manipulation and enhancement.  Most of the applications are free to use and offer major functionality. Give Canva a try if haven’t already!  For a more advanced graphic artist try GIMP – a crowdsourced photo editing software.

When taking your own photos of products/facilities use the appropriate camera and lens, this will have a huge impact on the quality of your photos.  I use a Canon Rebel T3 with a 50mm 1.8 lens  (Nothing fancy nor expensive and works amazingly!)


7.  Be Patient.  Build your Pinterest strategy with a clear vision and outlined goals of what you would like to accomplish.  Create relevant and focused boards using the secret mode until they have at least 30 pins.  When your boards are full of awesome content, GO LIVE!


8,  Once you have optimized your Pinterest account to represent your brand you should take the opportunity to re-circulate older blog/website content.  Re-visit your most popular blogs/images and update them with fresh imagery and keywords.  Then re-share to Pinterest, this will drive traffic back to your content and give you a fresh slew of visitors!


Pinterest has amazing potential.  It is the only “social” application that users use with intent to purchase and actively search out activities and products.  You’d be silly not to get in on this phenomena!!   Subscribe to my blog to learn more about using social media to strengthen your wine brand.


Tune in every Monday at 9 am PST on Twitter using hashtag: #winemktmonday to share and engage with other wine brands on trending marketing topics – @insatiablevine 

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